Powerful devices that are capable of performing heavy activities in difficult conditions, such as excavators and bulldozers, unlike other devices, do not use rubber wheels for their movement, and they move due to the roughness of the work environment as well as the difficulty of the conditions. Excavator chains and bulldozer chains are used.

Alborz Spadana Company (Heirat) is the first and only manufacturer of excavator chains and bulldozers in Iran.

We are proud that by using the most up-to-date technology in the world, we have maintained the principle of quality at the highest level and have become a serious competitor of foreign products.

In Iran, due to the import of chains, other partners do not have the possibility of full support and production of consumable parts, and therefore Hirat, as the only producer of these chains, stands out in terms of quality and after-sales service compared to each other. to other importing competitors

Excavator and bulldozer chains are the same components but with different dimensions, and the reason for this is the variety of factories producing excavators and bulldozers and their different models.

In addition, we are able to produce excavator chains for brands such as:

There are several famous brands in the field of excavators and bulldozers in the world. These brands are known as leaders in the heavy machinery manufacturing industry. Some of the famous brands in this field are:

  1. 1.Caterpillar:

One of the largest and most reliable manufacturers of heavy machinery in the world.

  1. 2.Komatsu:

A Japanese company engaged in the production of excavators and heavy machinery.

  1. 3.Volvo:

Swedish company that manufactures excavators and heavy equipment.

  1. 4.Hitachi:

A Japanese company that manufactures heavy machinery, including excavators.

  1. 5.John Deere:

An American company known for producing agricultural equipment and heavy machinery, including excavators.

  1. 6.Hyundai:

A Korean company in the field of manufacturing heavy machinery and excavators.

  1. 7.Liebherr:

A German company that manufactures all kinds of heavy machinery, including excavators.

  1. 8.Kobelco:

A Japanese company with a history in the production of excavators and heavy machinery.

  1. 9.SANY:

A Chinese company known for manufacturing heavy machinery including excavators.

  1. 10.Doosan:

A Korean company in the field of manufacturing heavy machinery and excavators.

Alborz Spadana Company has the ability to produce chains, excavators and bulldozers for all the brands mentioned above.

Excavator chains and bulldozer chain components

Bulldozers and excavators have strong and widely used chains. This chain is one of their main elements and is used to prevent sliding on different terrains and also to increase the weight density of the device.

The chain is mainly composed of the following parts

  • Track shoes pointed and four parts of the chain that is in contact with the ground and reduces slipping.

Excavator chain Track shoes and bulldozer chain

  • Links: These are attached directly to the quadrilaterals and are used to create a chain structure.

  • Pins and Bushings: They are used to connect the links to each other and create the proper movement.

  • Sprockets: (Sprockets) round parts that are directly connected with the bulldozer engine and create the movement of the chain.

Bulldozer chains and excavator chains

  • Idlers: They are used to transfer the weight of the machine to the ground and maintain correct chain settings.

Excavator chain and bulldozer chain

  • Rollers: They are used to carry the weight of the machine and move the chain on the trays.

Excavator chain and bulldozer chain

These elements work together to create a complex and efficient system that enables bulldozers and excavators to perform heavy tasks in harsh environments.

Bulldozer and excavator chains are one of the vital elements of these heavy machines and are used to do hard work and different terrains.

Features of bulldozer and excavator chains include the following

Resistance and hardness:

Bulldozer and excavator chains must have enough resistance and hardness to perform strong in heavy and gray conditions.

Track shoes profile design

The shoes contact the ground and have a special profile to reduce slippage and increase the grip of bulldozers and excavators.

Designing links and pins:

The links and pins should be designed in such a way that they can handle the weight of the bulldozer and excavator and side pressures well.

Resistance to wear and tear:

Chains must be resistant to wear and damage to increase the useful life of bulldozers and excavators.

Special features of heat resistance:

In some models, chains are resistant to heat and other harsh environmental conditions.

Easy maintenance:

Chains should be easy to maintain and repair so that they can be replaced quickly if needed.

Proportional dimensions:

The dimensions of the chains should be suitable for the dimensions of the bulldozer and excavator and its working containers.

Rotating ability:

The chains must have proper rotation capability so that the bulldozer and excavator can easily explore different areas.

Stability and balance:

The chains must sit on the trays (Sprockets) in a balanced manner to maintain the stability of the bulldozer and excavator during movement.

These features make bulldozer and excavator chains work in the best possible way and prevent any defects and problems during work.