Alborz Spadana Company (Heirat) according to its potential and ability to manufacture mining equipment, after mastering various conditions and examining the difficult conditions with which the equipment is in physical and engineering contact in mines, from rubber loaders that are used with other devices in Contact are protected. Products After identifying and examining the weaknesses of other products in the market, it designed and produced chains for different working conditions of loaders that are not comparable to its competitors and have performed much better in terms of quality and support services.

Loader tire protection chains in the following dimensions on a daily basis:

Size (in inches):





And other customized sizes are designed and manufactured according to the customer's needs

Loader chains have differences according to their performance and place of use.

Alborz Spadana Company specializes in:

  • Ornamental stone mines
  • iron ore mines
  • Steel companies
  • Places in contact with melting and hot metals
  • and other product conditions required by the customer to provide

Alborz Spadana (Heirat) has made its products a serious competitor for foreign competitors by having the most up-to-date technologies in the world.

Also, due to being the first in the production of protective chains, this company offers its loader wheel protective chains at the best price.

The tire protection chain for loaders is one of the important and vital components that is used to increase the life and improve the performance of tires in difficult and different conditions. Product description includes the following:

Construction materials:

Tire guard chains are often made of durable materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel.

Surface design and pattern:

The design of the surface of the chains is such that it improves the adhesion and resistance of the rubber against slipping and wear.

Easy to install and move:

Installing and moving tire protection chains should be easy so that their replacement and maintenance is quick and simple.

Protection of tires against wear and rust:

These chains protect tires against wear caused by hard roads, ruts and harsh environmental conditions such as ice and snow.

Various applications:

Rubber protective chains are suitable for various applications such as construction, mining, agriculture and even in special weather conditions.

Resistance to heat and mechanical damage:

These chains must be resistant to heat and mechanical shocks in order to perform well in harsh environmental conditions.

Suitable for tire size:

اندازه و ابعاد زنجیر باید دقیقاً با اندازه تایر مطابقت داشته باشد تا بهترین عملکرد را ارائه دهد.

ضریب اصطکاک مناسب:

The tire protection chain must have the right friction coefficient to have the best adhesion on different surfaces.

The description of this product is important for customers so that they can use their loader tires with confidence and high efficiency.