In stone mines, loaders are used to transport and move the coop due to its large volume and weight

The loader is originally designed to carry soil and spray products, but since it is very powerful, it can be used to meet the needs of mines, that is, to transport and move piles of rocks, only by changing its use and preserving nature. From the loader

but how

Alborz Spadana Company has designed a product with a perfect design and in accordance with engineering principles, which is called a fork in English, which has the performance of a forklift with a very high volume. This product is very popular and efficient in stone mines, and miners know it as forklift loader.

The Heirat forklift truck overcomes the weakness and incapacity of the pocket loader and gives the loader two powerful arms that are connected to the loader by a device called a surprise quick coupler.

The disadvantage of the loader is the use of envelopes to carry stone cubes

Heirat automatic forklift with the ability to change between the envelope and fork in less than 10 seconds thanks to the quick coupler is a powerful and very flexible tool for miners.

Explanation about forklift loader

The forklift loader consists of two parts, one is a plug and the other is a product that connects the plug or other Hirat products and the loader, which is called a quick coupler.

One of the interesting points and features about the tentacles is their strength and resistance, because the designers of Surprise claim that if the product is used at temperatures above zero, its resistance is higher than the loader's rig. In fact, surprise designers are surprised by the ultimate tension on the top of the tentacle. They refer to the loader mast

All loader drivers know that changing the loader envelope or removing it requires spending a lot of time and energy and several skilled workers, and by installing Heirat products on the loader, the said items can be done in less than 10 seconds and only by pressing a button. They change the button. it is done by the operator, it is worth mentioning that in the products of other partners, very high pressure is applied to the hydraulic pump of the loader at the time of replacement, and due to the precise engineering design of Heirat products and using the latest global standards, none of Heirat products It does not have a clip. It is not the same and it is connected or disconnected to the hydraulic pump of the product with the lowest pressure.

Raw material

The main material of this product is a special type of sheet that has a unique alloy and is imported in bulk from Sweden, Russia and China.

Raw materials after entering the factory and before use are exposed to U.T. They undergo initial quality testing and enter the production stage after receiving approval from the quality control expert.

The manufacturing process is carried out by up-to-date European machines with the highest precision and the lowest error rate (close to zero) and only 5% of the emperor interferes in the manufacturing of the product.

Our designers seek to make human intervention in the construction of this mechanism even close to zero

All work steps, such as assembling the cut components in the fixture, are done with high precision

The advantage of Heirat

Each loader has its own envelope and cannot use the envelope of different loaders, but with quick installation and slight change in the mechanism of the envelopes in the factory, it should be possible to use all kinds of loaders with different specifications and features. envelopes and use automatic loader forks

Finally, the product enters the final stage to pass the quality test and is tested with loading, pressure and tension tests to withstand the heaviest loads and after passing the said tests, it is released to the market.

It should be noted that in addition to load tests and stress measurement, all the welds of the product are specially tested and if the product is approved, it is prepared for painting and shipping.

Spare support

If one of the consumables such as a forklift jack is damaged while working in the mine, the loader is completely disabled and needs to be handled quickly. This company has a stock of well-equipped and powerful spare parts such as forklift jacks, solenoid valves, and connecting pipes. , in a very high amount to supply the consumer needs of the customer, is ready to meet any customer's need for support

We have the ability to produce and ship forks or other products for any Quick Coupler loader and other products and for anyone who has purchased a Quick Coupler from another company.

production line

Alborz Spadana company has 2 types of production lines

The production line of devices that are commonly found in other mines:

Komatsu 600; Line 1, 3 and 6

Caterpillar 988; k, h, g, f, b

Komatsu 260, 500, 470, 700, 800 and Caterpillar 980

If you have any other loader, it will be designed and built after measuring by experts

Final explanation

The main task of the automatic forklift is to increase the loading volume of the loader as well as the type of load

Alborz Spadana (Heirat) has the ability to produce products for all loaders in the market

Available series in the production line

Caterpillar model 980 Model 988 Model B Model F Model G Model H Model K
Komatsu model 260 Model 470 Model 500 Model 600 [line one, line three and line six] | Model 700 Model 800
3Other brands
For other brands, it is done by inquiring the brand name or model, and if needed, our experts will carry out the production after checking and measuring.