Heirat Hydraulic separator

Heirat Hydraulic separator

Heirat Hydraulic separator

Alborz Spadana Company, as the first manufacturer of hydraulic blocks in Iran, after examining the problems and challenges of mines, started designing, manufacturing and mass production of this valuable equipment.

The main challenge in stone mines is to repair machinery such as loaders. Stone mines have the problem of supplying and maintaining machinery.

This company has designed and manufactured hydraulic blocks in order to reduce the depreciation of loaders.

In mines, they face a problem to separate the stone block from the mountain, which brings a lot of pressure and increases the wear and tear of the loader.

Meanwhile, the hydraulic block gauges provide the power they need without any pressure to the loader's engine and gearbox and only by using the machine's hydraulic power.

This equipment has the ability to separate up to 500 tons of stone from the mine, if this volume is separated with a loader or excavator, a lot of pressure will be applied to the devices.

The hydraulic block increases the lifespan of the equipment and devices inside the mine, and their failure is reduced in proportion to the lower pressure applied to the devices.