Mechanical block separator

Heirat Mechanical block separator

In stone mines, one of the main challenges for miners is the risks caused by the collision of equipment and people with stone pieces.

The reason for this is the high weight and dimensions of these parts and it can cause serious life and financial risks for the mine owner and the people working in that environment.

In some mines, the separation of compartments is done with an excavator, and by using the excavator's long arm excavator ripper, due to the distance it creates, these risks can be greatly reduced.

But as we know that loaders are one of the necessary devices for mines, Alborz Spadana Company has been able to make this valuable device multi-functional by designing various equipment connected to the loader.

One of these devices is a mechanical block loader

This equipment, with its long length and unique design, enables the separation of large parts and even the remaining parts from the breakdown of larger parts in the mining chest and separates all the lower blocks from the working chest. , and very fast extraction in the mine. And as it was said, this equipment is a suitable alternative for mines that do not have an excavator, or their shovel is engaged in digging or other activities in another part.

This equipment, like other equipment produced by Alborz Spadana, can be quickly replaced with other equipment by a quick coupler, and can significantly increase the speed of mining equipment as well as the efficiency of their implementation. To coordinate and receive advice, you can visit our contact page and get in touch with our experts.