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Loader bucket

By default, the loaders have the normal envelope that the factory provides on the device

With the development of industry and the increase of productivity in mines, loaders are usually used in loading and transporting earth materials or explosives similar to earth.

Loaders are powerful devices that were first invented in 1939 or 1318 by Frank J. Hogue in Chicago, USA to transport and load earth materials, and then with the passage of time and human progress, many companies expanded their production.

Due to the powerful nature of loaders, its use in various industries including road construction and mining such as iron ore mining, sand and other industries is increasing day by day.

But as the use of Alborz Spadana (Heirat) equipment became more specialized for different loaders, according to their application, they designed and produced special envelopes for the same industry.

Envelope loader for decorative stone mines:

There are decorative stone mines in Iran and other parts of the world. Due to the high volume of extraction, these mines require powerful equipment with high volume capacity.

Loader equipped with a protective chain in stone mines for transporting and loading stone pieces by forklift or loader fork, separating stone pieces cut from the mountain using a mechanical or hydraulic block, and transporting and loading mineral waste by equipment. The loader envelope of the mentioned parts can be changed in less than 10 seconds with the quick coupler.

In decorative stone mines, according to the need and application of the loader in the mine, the envelopes are designed without nails and have a smooth razor tail.

In minerals such as granite and silica, the tail of the pocket razor is highly reinforced and customized to prevent corrosion from contact with these types of materials, which are inherently corrosive and highly resistant.

The loader envelope is designed and manufactured for all kinds of loaders in different sizes, which can be customized according to the customer's needs.

The loaders for which envelopes are routinely made in the production line are Komatsu 988 and 600.

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